Reflection on ” Because we are digital”

My reflection about the text “Because we are digital.”

The importance of knowledge is primordial for everyone in the world. Knowledge can acquire skills for a certain work or certain tasks of daily life. Furthermore, knowledge can teach the history of man kind. The history of man allows to understand to past civilizations to better identify the chronological process of how humans have evolved with time and also how to construct the future. It is the same idea in the domain of art. With today technological development devices, everyone can access easily to knowledge by going on the wide world web known as the internet. This accessibility shown the democratization of knowledge, but some people are upset about the diffusion of this knowledge by technological devices. The reason is because they are thinking that the popularity of technological devices will definitely replace old way. The fear that very thing old will become obsolete by a new replacement update version of this one which call the fear of change. In reality, this is never happen, even if the society of today is more digital. Because the technological devices are just mere ” tool “. A ” tool ” can bring some advantage and disadvantage for his utility. Then, it the user who must know how to utilize affectively for his purpose.