Sugary Letters

Made as part of the course typography called “Word in Space” by Pata Macedo, the concept was to design two letters in tree dimensional which it was A and V. The letters are designing identical whom the two can reversible to resemblance the A and the V. The material that constitutes the letters is a preparation for barley sugar which it is a boiled sugar with water and vinegar. This project is considered to be sustainable, because it made of natural products and can be composted or to be remodeled again by heating it up.

The dimension of each of the letters are 3.5-inch lengths, 1.25-inch width and 5 2/16-inch depth. 2017.

Photos: Jeanne Garneau-Lévesque

Reversible Tote

The bag was made part of the course called “Environmental Research and Practice” by Alison Reiko Loader. The goal of this project was to choose a non-profit organization to design a product that aware the customer the issues that this organization fight again it. And of course, the product was sold inside our University and the funds were brought to the organization itself. With the help of Anghelos Coulon, Nina Mourtada, Liza Foursa and Victor Le, we decided to go with the SPCA organization which many of us are animal lovers. We designed a reversible tote bag inspired by the Japanese knot bag model using recycle materials that we bought in The Salvation Army. We also screen printed a minimalism illustration representing a dog in one side and a cat in the reversible side using dark-grey and pale grey colours. Our team added additionally a slogan screen printed in the back our tote bag both sides in English and French: “100% Woof/Ronronnements Garantis”.

Materials : Recycled curtains fabric and screen printing paint.

Dimensions :14.75-inch lengths, 1.5-inch width and 26.25-inch depth. 2017

Photos: Victor Le and Anghelos Coulon

 Symbol Book

The book was made part of the course called “Culture of Images” by Kevin Yuen Kit Lo. The conception of this project was to create a visual essay on a subject of our choice. I decided to research on some well-known and less known symbol use in different civilizations cultures and period of time. This research concludes that each symbol has some geometric shape and so every symbol must have a similitude of the shape or form from different symbols of civilization even if they don’t have the same meanings, because geometric shapes are universal. The goal of this project was to inform the viewer no matter what culture we are from, we always have something in common between our art through different cultures. Moreover, this research was also to inspire me to design new symbols as well. The book was printed the technique of acetone transfer images with laser-copy print.

Materials : Covers: cardstock paper textured and Pages: Nepal washi paper

Dimensions :6.5-inch height and 6.5-inch width. 2017

Photos: Jeanne Garneau-Lévesque

Ephemera Book

The book was made part of the course called “Culture of Images” by Kevin Yuen Kit Lo. The creation of this book was to be a recollection of memory in literacy form on the theme of ephemera which objects are used only once. Each text is associated with an image which the text describes a moment represented by the image itself. The images are made by the photogram technique using the sunlight to develop the image with objects and negative images on an acetate.

Materials : Covers: mat cardstock, Pages: light mat paper and digital print;

Dimensions : 8.25-inch height and 6 2/16-inch width. 2017

Photos: Jeanne Garneau-Lévesque

Duality Prints

A series prints was made part of the course called “Introduction to Lithography” by Catherine Wild. These two prints come into a series of ten prints conceptualized onto the traditional technique of printing on a stone. The concept was to print two states of a single image that can be modified onto the stone. The first state was the first drawing materials added into the stone (to the left) and the second state was to remove some drawing materials and added new one with the lithography crayon and etching the stone with acid (to the right). 

Materials : Papers: Yellow cream rag paper and Black shop mix lithography ink;

Dimensions :9.25-inch height and 7-inch width. 2017

Photos: Jeanne Garneau-Lévesque