Dart 498: three graduate school choices

L’École Condé in Paris

For the European University school, I chose L’école Condé in Paris for the master degree program in “Illustration & Bande Dessinée”. The reason for this choice is because it is a dream from my childhood to finally make my own comic book or illustration book. Even though, I teach this practice for other, it is not the same to make your own project become reality and maybe I will actually learn couple of things that I never knew before in this domain. Furthermore, I am interested into illustration which it is a passion for me and I wanted to practise my talent in a concrete project that uses this ability. The reason why I chose this school in Paris is, because I really like the art historic in this city and I have good memory of visiting the city when I was eighteen with my parents.


Havard University Graduate school of design

This would be the impossible choice to be accepted in Harvard University which it is a well-known university for it learning programs and few people can be enrolled in it. However the master in Art, Design and the public domain program sound interesting and challenging at the same time. I am curious about what I can do as a designer to improve my skills and to have more multidisciplinary skills and experiences.


Uquam master in visual art and media

The program that I chose is a master in visual art and media. Because my mother did a project in this program and when she told me about it, it sounds like it is interesting and rewarding at the same. Also it can be an opportunity to go to a different university in Montreal. What is interesting about this master is that it has a lot of research fields like: “printing art, interactive installation, photography, multimedia, video, public art, identity art , culture and art, representation in visual art etc.”? Which it has a lot a choice to choose from for my master project.

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