Response 3: the “joual” language

The “Joual” language has saved Quebecois Francophone from the English language in 1930

If someone travels into the Quebec Province, he will recognize that Quebecois francophone don’t have the same dialect as the French of France and the Belgian. The word “joual” come from another word “cheval” that the popular community of Francophone used this term due to their lack of education[i]. However, the “joual” is in fact an invention by women francophones to preserve the French language against the English language speaking by men during their works. Michel Tremblay, well-known authors in the Quebecois literature, is the one who use the “joual” language attribute from his culture to introduce in the domain of books. He explain that the “joual” is the representation of alienation by Quebecois to not forgot their mother tongue by the Anglophone speaking majority in this Era : « J’aime que l’œil entende ce qui est dit, explique-t-il. Personne au monde ne parle comme on écrit. Le joual a représenté une force dans la pauvreté de langage des Québécois qui voulaient rester francophones dans un univers anglophone.”[ii] In the sixties, the “joual” was considered to be a denigration of the French language by the elite society, government, the francophone academic system and the clericalism[iii]. Which, it is not true, because without the intervention of the women to preserve the French language, the Quebec would be a province that speaks only in English. Then, the “joual” was a weapon for francophones to criticize the society during ” La Révolution tranquille ” by famous authors: ” Michel Tremblay, Gaston Miron, Claude Gauvreau, les insolences d’un frère Untel, Luc Plamondon “. This is leading to the idea that the francophone population of Quebec have his proper culture and language.



[iii] Documentary sources: Tout le monde en parlait, Histoire de la langue Québécoise – Le joual

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