New concept: Book Collection of stamps inspiring by Japanese symbol

After rethinking of the concept, I made the decision to create a book collection of stamps inspiring by Japanese symbols. To be precise, I will merge the form of that Japanese symbols with my abstract style, other Japanese symbol and occidental classical visual graphic printing ( ex: lithography, wood block printing ). Which it will created new stamps in the realm of creativity. This will answer to my thesis which inspiration is not cultural appropriation, because it’s does not steal the original image, but it modify to become to something new and personal. 


Photos: right lithography print and the left: Japanese textile represent a fan

I research these Japanese symbols to better understand their meanings in their original forms.


Here my research sketches of the new stamps that I created.


Each pages will have a stamps with the colour that Japanese used in textile (see my note on the colour). Next to the stamps page, it will have a description of the symbol and what it’s new meaning. The Book pages will be on  washi paper, it is Japanese hand-made paper, and the binding will be Japanese stitch book like.


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