Rethink of the visual concept

What I discover from my concept to represent japanese Ukiyo-e was that I was appropriating this culture even if I was well research and having no harm to offense this culture. So, I begin to think how to represent a visual concept without showing the characteristic of this culture. How to attract everyone to this visual concept universally and equally. Then, I finally got my answer. I going to the abstract visual art. Modern artist like Picasso, Kandinsky, Mondrian etc… were research to make more simple their works to a state that it’s become pure art. Pure art is when you break free from the conventional art and make spontaneous art with no limit of creativity. I remember in scoot Mccloud comic book essay that we are more influence by the simple design of character, because we tend to identify with our value and our personality. The same thing happen in my drawing course where I conceive two drawing using a two different weight of string to make a line into the sheet of paper. Even this two drawing was simpler and abstract, my teacher was very fond of this drawing and he actually like very much. He said to me that he like the sense of materiality of the black pastel using with the string. So, I decided to go with abstract visual art with the technique of Japanese wood block print.

 Sketches abstract art

Improve concept

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