Learn the technique: Japanese woodblock print and the Ukiyo-e

To better understand a culture, I want to learn from his history and ideology via a artistic technique. Like for instance, I have appreciation from the Japanese culture and I want to learn the technique of woodblock print by a book called: ” Japanese woodblock, print workshop by April Vollmer “(which the author of this book had learn this technique by a Japanese professor in Hunter College  ). I also want to learn the history of Ukiyo-e style print, however I cannot illustrated the authentic style of ” Ukiyo-e “, because this is a depiction of an era (Edo era) in Japan that does not exist anymore in the present day.  So how to illustrate the history that come from this technique without the illustrative depiction of the past? Take some element from the iconogaphic past and mix up with new contemporary graphic elements. But I must research carefully the illustrative subject to not going to the cultural appropriation.

Here a first idea: It is a depiction of the old ukiyo-e style which is in the category bijin-ga which mean beautiful women and in this depiction their are mostly courtesan (oiran not geisha).  In society of Japan today, it have the same structure, but in a more subtle way: joshi kosei industry. This industry exploit teenage girl to offer service like compensated dating (Enjo-kōsai) which older men giving money, or luxury gift to these girl for their companionship like talking with them, take a walk with them, read the future, have a massage and possibly sexual services.This is a problem that Japan have and the idea it to be aware it. However, I don’t want to give an opinion about it, because well I don’t live there and it’s not my culture.


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