Reflection on the text: ” Art and Synesthesia: in search of the synesthetic experience”

According to Dr. Hugo heyrman, he found, in multidisciplinary art during the Expressionism to the Abstract expressionism, that there a synesthetic experience that human can feel by their sense. “Synesthesia” is a neurological condition that causes the simulation of one of the senses to create an additional experience thought another sense[i]. Which mean that art can be an interactive connections thought our sense like: smell, taste, touch, hearing and visual. I can say that and almost everyone had encounter this kind of experience thought an art media. For me, it was the book: “The perfume” from Patrick Süskind[ii]. The story is about the tale of a murderer called: “Jean-Baptiste Grenouille” who his goal is to control the heart and soul of the human species by the smell of a perfume. In this book, the writer gave a lot of surprising realistic description of different smell that encounter his protagonist. Even through words, I can sense the smell and understand what the protagonist felt even if it’s an abstract idea of smell.

[i] Antidote, definition of synesthesia


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