Reflection on the text: ” Personal Dynamic Media “

The text talk about the invention on the ” Dynabook ” by Alan kay which is the idea will led to the Xerox prototype. This invention is portable computer the size of an sketchpad or notebook that is capable to have eternal battery life computer, have a large storage of memory data be for: writing, drawing, animation, music and software. The goal of the ” Dynabook ” is to be a user friendly especially for children. However, Alan Kay never thought that this concept can work versatility with many jobs. Fortunately, this concept will never see the day as a physical object, because is was to far ahead technologically at the time. However, this idea have been use for the conception of Macintosh by Steves Jobs and also much more later the invention of the ipad and the iphone which this demonstrate that idea never completely disappear, they just improve by the time.

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