The proposal of the final project: Trailer of Wind

Overview of an old project

 For the final project, I wanted to work on an animation trailer from my comic book ideas called: “Wind”. The story of this comic book was the tale of Nadifa, a little girl, that must research his brother that disappears in a sand storm. She will encounter many characters in a journey. This project, made at the time in Cegep, never saw the day, because I thought my skill of drawings was not very effective and I was not ready to submit this project professionally. But now, I go out of my drawers for this project.


The Intention

The intention of the trailer is to be a foretaste of the world of “Wind” and the adventures that will encounter the character Nadifa. The inspiration of the trailer will base of on videos games trailer: like the legend of Zelda, Journey and child of light for the thrilling of an adventure and television show like: the last airbender, Steven Universe and the legend of Korra for the animated action.


The Nadifa Character Design

Nadifa is a character that demonstrates determination and courage to find his brother. She agile and skilful in combat with a dual swords. The research of the design of Nadifa character was the base of an old design with little modifications to modernize her. The style of the character design will be based on a mix between a cartoonish look and a Japanese comic book look to represent her go lucky attitude and her coolness. Her clothes are influenced by medieval clothes from the Middle East, the poncho from South America and the pelerine cape use in Victoria Era. Nadifa design should be a gender neutral, because she must be accessible for all ages, all gender and not be a stereotype. There is a sequence of running animation in the trailer where Nadifa ran away from something. This animation will be based of the Pocahontas running animation and other running animations find on Pinterest. Also some motion sources from Youtube and some photographs from Myubridge.


The Giant Scorpion Character Design


The giant scorpion character is one of the monsters that Nadifa encounter in her journey. This giant insect represents the animal world that lives Nadifa. He is considerate to be frightening and opposing. His design is inspired by real life scorpions, tribal drawings and the eye of the Cyclops from the Homer’s Odyssey. There is an animation sequence where the scorpion claps his claws. This animation will be base on the motion of real life scorpions and animations 3d scorpions found on Youtube.


Title Sequence Typography

Near the end of the trailer, there is a sequence animated of the title of “Wind”. I wanted to have a typography that represents the lightness of the wind and have simple aspect to be placed in a background. So, the typography will be based on some sans serif fonts that represent my idea like: Canter, tall film, Avenir and Optima. The animated title sequence will start by shot of a background in the desert and the title will appear in a fade in. After, a black smoke will pass and will cover all the frame except the title.


Story Board

The animated trailer begins with a scene of a landscape in the desert. We saw a landmark where his drapery float in the wind. The camera goes slowly to the right and then it has transitioned in fade out. The second scene appear has another landscape plan and the camera go suddenly up slowly. The end of scene two has a fade out transition. The third scene appear with a shot a close-up of sand landscape. Then, there a running animation of the feet appear from the right corner and finish out of the screen to the left corner with splitting sand animation. Those three scenes are here to make to the viewer a sense of suspense. The fourth scene show the character Nadifa running with an incredible speed and we sense that she is running away from something. After, she tripping and falls into the sand. The fifth scene show a close-up of her eye and she slowly opened it. Then, she realizes something and the camera zoom out to her full body on the ground with a enormous shadow on her. She scared. The sixth scene show the giant scorpion that will attack her and he claps his claws to be threatening. Nadifa get up and take out her dual sword. The seventh scene show Nadifa is ready to attack and she swing one of the swords to the camera. The height scene show the first scene landscape and the title appear in fade in. Then, a black mass smoke cover all the screen except the title and the finish with the title on a black background. That the end of the trailer of “Wind”.

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