Reflection on the text: The GNU manifesto

We lived in a capitalist society where we work to get wealthy in life, which is good thing… right? Well in this world, artist must paid their own material of work for to work and this include computer and software. The irony of the situation in the history of computer is that the ideas of sharing information from the wide web cannot do the same thing for the software. Yep, you must paid your own software to use it and not to distribute to anyone else because it’s illegal. But surprisingly, a GNU is a operating system, like mac or windows, to run in a device for free. GNU made a manifesto in 1985 by Richard Stallman. In this manifesto, the author make points on that free software must be exist and software that monetize should turn them free to be distribute and it is the users that can decided which amount that the software can be purchase. In my opinion, that will be very awesome, but we have long way to go before happening. Because big company want to profit on the sale of software and don’t want to change this capitalist mentality.

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