Reflection on the text: ” The futurism manifesto “

The futurism movement is a rejection on all traditional art forms and rather embrace the development of technology for his energy and dynamism. Futurism is the starting point of modern art. Like our manifesto in Quebec called “Le Refus global”, Futurist made a manifesto represent their thought on art and the future art. The manifesto is a virulent text that despises the academic art and the preservation of the past artist that it should be destroyed. This text demonstrates the rebellion of futurists by violence acts make their point of view. The futurism movement has a lot of common points with the Dada movement, because they’re both have an ideology of destruction. For this manifesto, I agree with certain point and others not. What I agree is the idea of new ways to create art with technology or advance technique never seen before. But what I disagree is the destruction of the past art, because to understand art and create new things we must know the history of art to see the development of art and what has not been done before.

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